CPR training makes a difference at MBRE during Heart Health Month


In recognition of American Heart Month in February, MB Real Estate employees were offered an on-site CPR/AED certification program. CPR is a simple, yet effective way to empower individuals to save lives in emergencies, and MBRE was proud to offer this important training during the month of February.

MB Real Estate’s Darlene Rodriguez knows all too well the importance of CPR in the workplace. Several years ago, Rodriguez suffered from sudden cardiac arrest at her desk. Another employee at the firm saw Rodriguez and immediately administered CPR while the ambulance was en route.

“CPR likely saved my life,” said Rodriguez. “I think it’s great that MB Real Estate offered training to its team. You just never know when you may need these skills and I can tell you personally, it made a world of difference for me!”

The  training was conducted by Vickie Onesti, MBRE VP of Corporate Services, who is a certified instructor and the owner of One Stitch Training Company. Please see below for some important heart health facts.


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