Teamwork at MB Real Estate

Twice a year, MB Real Estate hosts a semi-annual meeting to discuss new business and to celebrate recent successes. This spring, we decided to do things differently. The theme was teamwork and in order to incorporate team building and a bit of fun, we decided to host the first ever “MB Real Estate Amazing Race.” Our participants made stops at eight MBRE managed and leased buildings throughout the city of Chicago, including 221 N. LaSalle, Michigan Plaza, and the Richard J. Daley Center, among others. After solving a riddle that brought each team to each location, team members had to work together to conquer various challenges. Our teams had to solve confusing math equations, replicate Chicago landmarks with LEGOs, memorize a series of photos, and lead each other while blind folded. The first team to make it back to Millennium Park took home the coveted “eMBy” award and bragging rights for the next 365 days.

As soon as the race began, it was evident that team work was necessary to succeed and get to the finish line. MBRE employees worked together and depended on one another to complete every challenge and we’re happy to say each team was able to finish with plenty of time before lunch.

Once we had crowned our winners, the “Old Town Ogres,” we listened to Dr. Steven Julius speak, the former psychologist for the Chicago Bulls. Dr. Julius told MBRE employees anecdotes about his time during the Bulls’ championship years and was able to relate those obstacles and triumphs to the everyday workplace. Overall, the day was a great success. Peter Ricker, Chairman and CEO, and Dr. Julius were able to wrap up everything wonderfully, giving us an incredible outlook moving forward.

A big thank you to everyone who helped make this day a success!

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